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PLAY offers three different programs according to the age of the child: Infant (6-19 mo), Toddler (19-36mo) and Preschool (3-6 yrs). 

Our philosophy is to provide a predictable daily routine to instill a sense of security, with enough flexibility to allow for individual preferences and independent choice. Weekly programs are created by the class teachers driven by the student's interests. Each day at PLAY incorporates a balance of:

Our early childhood educators plan and facilitate meaningful learning experiences based on sound knowledge of children’s development and on daily observation and documentation of the child’s interests, needs and abilities.

At PLAY, communication between parents and teachers is also a fundamental part of our operations. Each day, parents can expect to receive regular updates on their child's day through our HiMama App. This will include information on things like their daily activities, food intake, nap schedule, photos, videos and much more!

Below you will find more details on each of our programs. If you have any questions, or are interested in seeing a sample schedule, don't hesitate to contact us! 

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Infant (6 - 19 months)

The Infant program is designed to help families and children transition into a group care setting. We accommodate children as young as 6 months, though most join us around their first birthday.

The space is intimately sized while allowing for play, rest, small and large group activities as well as familiarization with the rest of the center to support later transitions. We focus on creating strong relationships so that children feel empowered to discover, explore and build their skills through developmentally appropriate experiences. 

Children and families' unique routines and preferences are scaffolded until everyone feels comfortable and capable. Our routines are flexible and we do our best to accommodate parental sleep and meal-time requests.

Toddler (19 - 36 months)

Toddlers are purposeful and experimental; they love to test limits, explore boundaries and are learning about cause and effect. They also thrive on order, routine and predictability. Accordingly, our toddler program focuses on establishing independence, learning to communicate and developing confidence. 

Our toddler space is large enough to accommodate the significant gross motor movement this busy age group requires. Children in this space thrive on the structured routine and programming that supports them to manage their behavior and learn to control their impulses. 

In the toddler room, we support incoming infants who are still developing self-help skills while also preparing older children for the next transition to the preschool room.

Preschool (3 - 6 years)

Our preschool program is spacious and allows for open-ended learning. We support children to master and refine skills that they learned at an earlier age, supporting independence and the transition to school. 

We follow an emergent-curriculum program, taking guidance from FLIGHT, Alberta’s Early Learning Curriculum Framework. Children’s ideas and voices are honored as they are seen as capable, competent and independent learners. 

Our teachers are co-learners who also nurture and care for the children, yet are ready to step in and play when the moment is right. 

Outdoor Playground

Indoor Gym

Book a tour with us to learn more about our programs and see our various spaces and classes!

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